Back Pain/Neck Pain

Pain caused by pinched nerves and muscle spasms will respond best to Chiropractic Adjustments. I often use heat, electric stimulation, traction, massage, and/or acupuncture to release the muscle spasm and then move the mal-aligned vertebra back into a more correct position. Now the pinched nerve and muscle spasm is corrected and the healing will occur.

Detox Foot Bath

Detox Foot Bath is an all natural way to detoxify the inside of your body by increasing circulation. this often aids in the relief of painful joints within the feet and hands.



Dr. Grossman began his formal study of acupuncture in 1983 enabling him to treat a wider range of health problems and maintaining a special interest in the management of pain. By looking at pain from a traditional acupuncture approach, he is very familiar with moxa, a form of acupuncture which uses heat via a stick of non-toxic insence. This is acupuncture without needles. Many of the techniques which he uses have been used for centuries! Cultures only do things which are proven to be true over long periods of time.

Bach Flowers Remedies

Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, in the 1930s. Dr. Bach watched animals in the wild and he realized they eat certain flowers to deal with various emotional crisis. ie the goat that almost got eaten by the mountain lion at the watering hole. after the goat ate the floweres the animal lost its fear of getting eaten at the watering hole! Each remedy is used alone or in conjunction with other remedies, and each flower is believed by advocates to correct specific emotional issues.