Dr. Martin Grossman is committed to bring you to a better way of life by teaching you the true principles of wellness while releasing many emotional issues that may be contributing to your problems. Coral Gables Chiropractic Centre is located near of Coral Gables, Downtown; and two minutes from the new Merrick Park Mall We are the solution to your problems...


Dr. Grossman was born and raised in the Bronx. In his old fashioned family " punishment of a child" meant you could not go to work on Saturday with his father! During high school he moved into Manhattan on the Upper East Side. He attended Fairleigh Dickenson College in Teaneck, NJ. He graduated in 1978 from New York Chiropractic College in Long Island, opened his first office in Coral Gables in 1979. In 1983 he became certified by the State of Florida to perform Acupuncture, that enabled him to treat a wider range of health problems, maintaining a special interest in pain management. In mid 2008 Dr. Martin Grossman relocated to his present office at 2780 Douglas Road (S.W. 37 Ave.). Techniques : Dr. Martin Grossman performs a variety of gentle techniques. These include the adjusting of the spinal column with his hands and or via instruments.

He prefers the use of his hands because it is more gentle and specific. He talks to his patients and tells lots of stories in order to distract his patients and help them to be very relaxed during their treatment. Additionally, he uses various electronic machines to relax muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and increase circulation! He has a Cox Table, which is effective for the treatment of disc problems. Pain caused by pinched nerves and muscle spasms will respond nicely to my care as a "old fashioned ten fingered chiropractor." I often use heat, electric muscle stimulation, inter segmental traction, dry hydrotherapy (dry water table massage), gentle massage(acupressure) both by hand and via high speed vibrator) and acupuncture to help the healing/repair process thus giving you comfort. Patients seeking treatment from Dr Martin Grossman are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. Dr. Martin Grossman is happily married for over 26 years with two children in their early 20's and he has a very big Standard Poodle. He reads all the labels of the food he buys. He will not eat food cooked in a microwave. He enjoys cooking, eating and driving.